Kamala Go Home

Guatemalans against us interventionism


Guatemalans are standing against the radical policies being imposed by the US to usher in their version of  “stakeholder capitalism.” (source)

Guatemala is a nation of conservative values.

We work hard to improve our lives, to freely produce, trade, and cooperate with neighboring countries.

The violation of our sovereignty by the Biden Administration is a violation of our individual liberties, we deserve to live free from coercion of foreign nations.

We are demanding an immediate cease & desist of all US interventionist policies in Guatemala, including all USAID and all aid provided to NGOs aligned with this radical agenda.

Finally, Kamala Harris is in violation of the Logan Act, she is evading possible prosecution by leaving the US and coming to Guatemala to intervene illegally. (United States v. DeLeon source) In holding, the statute does apply to conduct occurring outside the United States. Kamala avoided the border, coming to Guatemala was the only choice she had to avoid prosecution. 


#guatemalans are liberty loving people

We want true free-trade

The US has aligned itself with the World Economic Forum’s ideology of controlled economies, or as they call it, Stakeholder Capitalism. This ideology depends on further state control over individuals who depend on free-trade to feed their families. Instead they want to force equality and the costs of government that come with that ideology.

Free-trade means less tariffs to trade and less taxation to conduct business. Smaller government and less licensing requirements. Kamala’s proposal to utilize the state to further limit competition is going to accomplish the exact opposite of her expressed intentions.

We want true free trade!


Stop Intervensionist Policies Now

We demand the US cease and desist all interventions in LatAm through their controlled NGOs and other efforts that undermine our individual ability for self-determination in Guatemala. 

By aligning her agenda with known fugitives of justice, Kamala has proven she intends to force the civil society to accept ideologies and individuals that have already been named in corruption cases in Guatemala. (source)

Thelma Aldana has two arrest warrants and her party are colluders with the democratic party, including a visit by Nancy Pelosi in August 2019 (source), months prior the Guatemalan national election for president. Where the “winner” Sandra Torres was arrested for violating campaign finance rules and unlawful association. (source)

Cease all aid to NGOs Now

NGOs with funding from US/EU sources meddle and slow down the real civil effort to improve the living standards of Guatemalans by prioritizing the agendas that align with the foreign interests that funded them. The civil society rejects and demands all foreign interests leave immediately.


By funding NGOs that have foreign interests, you further limit our ability to live, work, and grow in trade.